Why So Many Deny The Depth Of Their Dependence

Why So Many Deny The Depth Of Their Dependence

A dependence upon drugs or alcohol is an issue countless people struggle with. It leads to a whole raft of issues that many do their best to hide.

It would appear to those without such problems that the easiest thing in the world would be to seek professional treatment designed to overcome such issues.

While such thoughts are eminently sensible there are serious hurdles an addict must face up to before the healing process can commence. These reasons will not be fully appreciated by those without such problems, but are crystal clear to those whose substance abuse currently has the better of them.

Two major reasons why so many resist treatment:

Many negative issues surround addiction and contribute to a strong reluctance amongst those with dependence problems from seeking help, but we will concentrate on two that are so powerful they prevent rational thinking.

It is vital for those currently addicted to fully appreciate the significance of these two factors and to acknowledge them sooner rather than later. Failure to do so will lead to ever deepening dependence with a corresponding rise of the potentially devastating consequences that await.

Both reasons have 2 separate strands to them. The first two-pronged factor is ‘Denial’:

General Denial:

Addiction treatment professionals have long known that denial is a huge factor in terms of initially fueling and then consistently deepening dependence. They also know that the more advanced dependence becomes the more difficult it is for the addict to beat their problems.

Unfortunately, as a person’s dependence deepens their denial strengthens. If confronted by those closest to them regarding their substance abuse they will deny such facts, play down the seriousness of the situation and stubbornly refuse to discuss the matter

While such a negative attitude is of no benefit an even more worrying form of denial continues to go unchecked. This is:


This stance is taken by the addict to calm their own, ever-increasing concerns relating to dependence. They will work hard to repeatedly convince themselves that increasing use and dependence is something they can control, and that when they are ready to stop they will be able to do so, but ‘now’ is just not the right time.

The link between regular substance abuse and dependence go hand-in-hand, and the chances of anyone simply stopping use without professional guidance and assistance are very slim indeed.

The second reason denial plays so strongly on an addicts reasoning is ‘Fear’. Again, this can be broken into two strands:

Fear of living without your substance of choice:

Addiction is not an overnight experience, but as it grows so does a person’s thoughts and needs. This often develops into an all-consuming exercise of just how ‘good’ they feel after a recent hit, when the next one will be, and the crucial planning of where their next ‘score’ will come from.

By admitting to themselves that their dependence is out of hand and professional help is required means they are stepping over a line that leads to a deep and very worrying fear. This relates to exactly how they will cope without access and regular use of a substance that is very much part and parcel of their daily life.

Fear of what rehabilitation involves:

The thought of either regular appointments with rehab professionals as an outpatient, or the much more focused decision to spend time as an inpatient at an established rehab centre is a journey into the unknown. This can cause anxiety and fear over what to expect as well as what is expected of you.

Anyone worrying over these issues must resolve to speak in confidence with a rehab counsellor. Many of these dedicated professionals have been in that dark place you currently find yourself, and in the case of an inpatient stay they will be able to explain why this is seen as the most positive way to begin your long-term healing and the many benefits such an establishment offers.

Dependence – A problem that cannot be ignored:

The reality of regular substance abuse is that you are leaving yourself wide-open to dependence. The longer you refuse to accept this, the deeper your dependence will become.

The personal, physical and psychological effects can be devastating and that is before you consider the distress and angst you are causing those closest to you.

There is nothing to be ashamed of by admitting drugs or alcohol currently have the better of you. Indeed, this acceptance to yourself and subsequent contact with a rehab professional is something that is an absolute must for those with serious intentions of kicking their habit.

The Living Qualities in DARA


DARA rehab has plenty of things to offer the people wishing for help to recover from alcohol. Alongside the cushy living courses of action comes a gourmet dinner arrangement. Suppers are gourmet style and presented with a lot of neighborhood curried, Thai flavor, however, Western-style dinners were set up also. You would even be able to eat vegetarian food if you were so inclined. Espresso, tea, sodas and chilled filtered water are all accessible as beverage alternatives, however, the initial three are confined because of their caffeine content. DARA rehab pays close attention to your needs as someone who is recovering from an addiction. A serving of mixed greens and organic product bars are accessible for breakfast each morning, however, some prominent dinners are not especially wellbeing cognizant, so it would not feel like you are eating bland hospital foods.

Understanding the Living Qualities in DARA

3Fortunately, Thai nourishment is actually sound in numerous regards, and you would not only develop another health problem while you are at DARA rehab. Still, numerous appreciated the presentation and the wide assortment of both omnivorous and veggie lover alternatives. Top picks incorporated the papaya plates of mixed greens, Thai duck, crab and hot veggies, however, some grumbled of an overabundance of red rice. On the other hand, red rice is supposedly healthier than white rice, and more expensive. So it is for your own good. Day by day life is allegedly extremely laid back, and light on both flatmates and errands. Having your own chalet and not worrying about cleaning and washing garments is the thing that made DARA so compelling for many people who are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. It is an exceptionally unwinding environment so you could concentrate on stage work and recuperation. Though days are occupied, alums report appreciating a lot of exercises that were never overpowering.


Daily Activities at DARA

5People recovering at DARA rehab has a relaxing yet beneficial schedule. Days start at seven thirty am with activity or reflection, cooked breakfast and gathering treatment starting at nine fifteen. After that comes lunch, and evenings brimming with one-on-one directing, individual preparing, bunch treatment, and private time. You would even be able to get a backrub service if you feel like it. Nighttime incorporates AA/NA gatherings, or gathering exercises like motion picture evenings or dart diversions. Customers need to come back to their rooms by ten pm, yet there are no official lights out anarrangement, and you would be able to do what you want inside your room. There are plenty of facilities available in your room, including TV, DVD, as well as Wi-Fi.
Understanding Daily Activities at DARA
653x490The laid-back, tropical vibe at DARA doesn’t imply that treatment here isa joke, nonetheless. Tenets are considered important by the staff. The same number of addicts are tenet breakers, it’s vital to be given limits and get outcomes if these are crossed. Tardiness or truancy specifically brings about theabsence of different benefits, and nightfall fraternization has finished in a couple of customers being requested that leave. Still, generally, guidelines are very reasonable, and staff allegedly demonstrated conclusiveness and sympathy in their choices. One alum that was a senior supervisor in a worldwide association said that he knew a ton about HR administration, and he thought the group at DARA were brilliant at overseeing individuals in circumstances where minor things get made a huge deal about altogether. Besideseveryday treatment, DARA additionally offers a lot of entertainment and spotlight on the physical part of things for an adjusted recovery experience. DARA is the complete package, and all that comes at a very low cost compare to the other rehab centers, so everyone should be able to get help.